About Masonic Philatelic Club

The Masonic Philatelic Club of Great Britain was established in 1976, this was later changed to the Masonic Philatelic Club. 
On 19th October 2013, the title was again amended to “The MPC Magazine.” The original aim of the Club being:


“The furtherance of Masonic research via the media of postage stamps, the dissemination of knowledge gained and the quiet enjoyment of this interesting hobby”


From the outset, the club issued a Magazine on a quarterly basis and this is published in January, April, July, and October of each year.


More recently it became clear that interest in Masonic postal items was not confined to Freemasons and that consideration be given to those who were not Masons but whose interest in the subject was just as great.


The Magazine is now available by subscription to all who have a genuine interest in collecting Masonic postal items.

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