In the Current Issue

1      Memorium to Maurice Beazley

2      Chairman’s Comment / Message from the Editor

3      Is this the first Masonic Smiler?

3      The longest a Lodge has remained open?

4      In keeping with this month's theme

5      Masonic meeting places on postage stamps

11     Victor Henri Rochefort, Marquis de Rochefort Lucay

11     Masonic symbols

12     John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor GCB

13     Buffalo Soldiers & Prince Hall Freemasons

15     General Lauro Sodre

16     The Church v Freemasonry in Brazil

18     One stamp with six Freemasons

20    The Celestial and Terrestrial Globes

22     Freemasons and the American Emancipation        Proclamation

23     News of Recent Finds

Note: The stamps shown may not be actual size or in scale to other stamps on the same page.

Scan 5.jpeg


Floor mosaic in the ambulatory of the Cologne Cathedral


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