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As agreed at the AGM, 19th October 2013

1. The Organisation shall be known as “The MPC Magazine” 

2. The magazine will provide within its management structure an in-house club to be known as “The Masonic Philatelic Club” (MPC) and will deal with all those matters which were provided under the previous structure. 

3. Subscribers to the magazine shall be considered to be “members” of the MPC. 


Subscribers to the Magazine shall enjoy the following benefits: 

(a) Receive 4 copies of the Magazine each year. 

(b) Be members of the MPC 

(c) Participate in the Master of Philately Degree. 

(d) Purchase stamps from the Stock Controller. 

(e) Participate in the package scheme. 

(f) Purchase other items offered by the magazine from time to time. 

5. The Management Committee of the Magazine will initially be drawn from the existing Officers of the existing MPC Committee. All subscribers are eligible to serve on the Management Committee and may volunteer or respond to an invitation. 

6. All officers of the management committee may retire or resign at any time during their term of office. 

7. The management committee shall be responsible for the appointment or of any of the officers of the Committee. 

8. The committee may at their discretion appoint any member of the committee to undertake more than one office with the exception of Secretary and Treasurer.

9. The audited Accounts will be presented to the Committee by the Treasurer in October of each year and published in the January issue of the magazine. 

10. The committee shall nominate two independent examiners (auditors). The accounts of the Club shall be made up to the 30th of September.

11. There will be an annual subscription for the magazine which can be altered by a general vote of agreement of the management committee. 

12. Subscription to the magazine must be paid by the December of each year and will be valid from January to December in the year following receipt of payment. Such payment will cover 4 issues.  Subscription must be paid from October 1st to December 1st.

13. Failure to pay the magazine subscription by the due date, then entitlement to receive the magazine will cease along with all other benefits. 

14. All funds accrued from the activities of the magazine shall be used for the benefit of subscribers and to offset any legitimate, receipted out-of-pocket expenses incurred by members of the Management Committee whilst carrying out their duties. 

15. Application to receive the magazine shall be open to any interested person 

Would you like to become a member? 

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